Monday, October 10, 2011

Time off, and more coding.

So I took some time off from development of Avaloria a month and a half or so ago. Basically I just kind of became overwhelmed at the amount of work just I was going to have to do and needed a breather. This turned out to be a good idea fortunately, now that I am back actively looking at/developing the code, my ideas are more clear and my path is far easier to see.

First thing I wanted to do when I came back was scrap my old combat system (round based, spammy diku style combat where the player doesn't have much of a role other than to pull some levers.). I wanted to create something that *could* be left to spam you into oblivion, or if you decide to play a bit more smart, allow you to customize your battle experience.

I settled on a queue style system that allows you to, for right now, attack and defend. Currently defending negates all damage that would have been done to you. Obviously the new system as you can see is in it's infancy, however with only these two options it is still quite a bit more fun then just reading the streaming text. This also allows for me to possibly in the future allow for combo chains from spells or skills, or both. So while it is quite simple at the moment, the plans for this system extend well beyond merely being able to attack and defend!

Next items up on the block for work: Skills, Spells and all the management that goes along with that.

Enough with the blogging, back to coding!