Monday, June 13, 2011

In the thick of it.

This is the first ever blog post for the text-based MUD in development currently, named Avaloria. This particular MUD is completely written in python from the ground up, utilizing the evennia server ( The game itself aims to be a bit different from most of MUD's, in that the core component of the game is building up a base, or lair if you will and then waging combat and other nasty things on the other players on the opposing faction. The base that you build will also directly affect your character in numerous ways. A quick example would be the building of a 'Gold Mine' which allows you to accrue gold every game day in an automated way. Or another would be building a Training Grounds or Arena style building and receiving a bonus to your attack rating or defense rating etc. Or perhaps you find a way to create a device that summons portals to random dungeons created for your level?

All structures in the game will be able to be completely controlled by the player characters. You will be able to level them up by putting money into them, or de-level them by withdrawing money when you are low on cash, or destroy them if you no longer want them. All of these features are currently in the game and working as they should.

Another feature that is not implemented yet, but will be soon is Minons and Henchmen. These things go hand in hand with the structure building. Minions and Henchman will be able to be assigned to a specific structure, which will bring about additional bonuses. Also, there is an idea floating around in my head for a system to allow you to 'queue' up your minions to do certain actions while you are gone, to benefit you. Perhaps you want them to run through dungeons collecting loot, killing monsters etc. This particular feature is very much only in the idea stage.

So there you have it, a quick look at two of the biggest/most different features/ideas for Avaloria.

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  1. Cool, looking forward to seeing how this progresses. I'm no longer extremely involved with Evennia, but I am the original creator, and would love to see a solid game take root!